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Why smart employers choose Vive

As an employer, you take good care of employees. Now, later and later. That includes pensions. With Vive, employees build up a pension in their own plan. To which you and the employees can contribute flexibly.

Low cost because everyone contributes

Because the employer absorbs a portion of the cost, the employee accrues benefits.

Within one week all employees a plan

The retirement plan is quick to set up. Vive handles employee enrollment.

Always customized and on employees' names

Each employee receives their own plan. Easy to take away or adjust.

Satisfied employers work with Vive

Create engagement by putting employees in control. Employees with the Vive Retirement Plan are more actively engaged in their future.

"Vive enables SMEs to offer professional individual pension accumulation to their employees. Sustainable advanced investment at low cost supported by the transparent app. Everything the employee of today expects."

Niek Hoek

Director, Brandaris Capital

"Vive's pension software has been a great addition to our benefits & perks program. We are happy to offer a pension that's not only user-friendly, but also innovative, and, most importantly, helpful to our Spectralites."

Andrea Lamelas Puga

COO, Spectral Energy

Vive gives employees a grip on the future

By individualizing proven Asset Liability Management (ALM).
Makes Vive financial planning accessible to everyone.

Vive ALM

Always the optimal strategy for you and your plans

Instantly calculates the best investment strategy to achieve any goal. Gives control over your assets and grip to adjust. Invests effortlessly in passive index funds from the world's leading fund managers.


Based on thousands of economic scenarios

With in-house developed Economic Scenario Generator.


Diversified and global investing

In funds with thousands of companies, organizations and governments.

Investing involves risks, build retirement consciously
Retirement Plan

Individual plan for retirement

With a personal plan for retirement, you build wealth in a way that suits your situation and changes in your life.

Tax benefit

Within your annual allowance, you get up to 50% of your investment in the plan, back from the Internal Revenue Service.

By name

The Retirement Plan is all yours, making it easy to take it with you or adapt it to your situation.


App for your financial future

The only app to manage and preserve all your wealth for later. Effortlessly plan and manage your multiple investment plans and make adjustments wherever you are.

Unlimited scheduling

Easily create a plan for each goal in the app. Combine plans for unique financial planning.

Always insight

Keep a finger on the pulse day and night. Get insight into performance and expectations of each plan.

Demo - Pension options in the Netherlands

In an online appointment with someone from our team, you'll get a complete picture of the pension landscape in the Netherlands and the possibilities for your employees. With and without Vive.

30 min.
Ramses from the Nes