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Investing has risks, build retirement consciously
Vive Business

Especially for employees

A good retirement is personal. Let employees build their own retirement for later with an individual plan and account with Vive.

Vive Account

Access to the app, always insight and numerous additional options to build wealth.

Vive Pension Plan

Build individual retirement in a plan with annuity accumulation account.

Vive x Employers

Why smart employers(should) choose Vive

Employees want good benefits, including a pension plan. But employees also want flexibility in employer contributions. With Vive, employees build up assets for their retirement and decide how much to put into the pot.

Annuity accrual account

Personal plan for individual retirement

The Vive Retirement Plan consists of an annuity accumulation account, a personal investment portfolio and a dynamic risk strategy. With these, you build wealth and Vive protects your investments against large price, interest rate and inflation fluctuations.

Wealth Management

Vive manages your assets individually

Vive invests every plan and tracks it for you day and night. By investing in passive index funds around the world in more than +6,000 companies, governments and sectors.

Power App

All in one app for your financial future

The only app you need to manage and preserve all your wealth for later. Plan your financial future effortlessly and discover what's possible in the app.

Vive App

The app for your future

With Vive, you always have your financial future at hand. In addition to your apps for banking, there's Vive for your wealth.


All plans centralized in an overview

See all your plans at a glance and track status.


Insight and control over every plan

Effortlessly track the progress of all your plans and make adjustments as needed. Or consult the plan advisor.

Plan Generator

Automatically turn each dream or goal into a connecting investment plan, with strategy and personal portfolio.

Plan Advisor

Real-time advice on your plan and investments, with the best options to reach your goal in one click.

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