The retirement plan for your employees

Give your employees their own Vive Pension Plan with account and get commitment and business growth in return.

Why employers offer their employees Vive

Response from employers about Vive.

"With Vive, we put our employees in control of their retirement. After all, the most important investment in their lives. I don't want to get in the middle of that, but I do want to help them do well"
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Alexander Verbeek


"The most important thing for us is growth of the company. I need all my colleagues hard for that every day. I want them to continue working with us for a long time. Therefore, I would like to give them something in return."

Laura Carstens

Head of People

"Nice to have a low subscription cost and do offer retirement plan. Contribution we determine per employee based on experience and years working with us "

Emma Dimmen

HR Director


"A good retirement is always personal."

The best retirement is tailored to your financial situation. That is unique to everyone. All the more reason to get started yourself. Individual pension plan helps.


New legislation makes building your own assets for retirement extra advantageous.


Individual accumulation is increasingly popular. Because employees are in control.

Duty of Care

Take good care of your employees

With Vive, your employees are in good hands. With their own plan, they gain control over retirement and are more actively engaged in the future. Which has great benefits for the employer.


A plan for retirement increases financial health and thus directly increases productivity.

Work happiness

Grip on Retirement reduces sick calls and promotes engagement and job happiness.


Arranging retirement without hassle

Each employee gets their own plan. As an employer, you have almost no work to do there. Vive takes over onboarding and support, so you don't have to spend time on it in the interim.


In the onboarding, the employee learns how Vive's app and retirement plan works.


For questions about retirement or the plan, Vive is in direct contact with each employee.

Get started

In a week from demo to plan

Retirement demo plans

Simply sign up the company to participate in the business plan.

Quote received

Employees receive a Vive Retirement Plan and comprehensive onboarding to get off to a great start.

Onboarding employees

Employees receive a Vive Retirement Plan and comprehensive onboarding to get off to a great start.

Activate plans

Employees themselves activate their Vive Pension Plan easily in the app and keep track of everything.

Demo - Pension options in the Netherlands

In an online appointment with someone from our team, you'll get a complete picture of the pension landscape in the Netherlands and the possibilities for your employees. With and without Vive.

30 min.
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