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How Flowboost becomes the marketing wingman for their clients and team thanks to Vive's retirement plan.
Flowboost Industries, a leading marketing agency and Google Premier Partner based in Rotterdam, chose Vive to allow their employees and freelancers to plan their own retirement through the app. This choice promotes autonomy within the team, as it allows each participant to create an (additional) retirement pot with their own strategy for filling it.
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Accruing (additional) pension
If your employer is not a member of an industry pension fund, or if you have a pension gap, it is necessary and wise to build up your own supplementary pension.
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War, inflation AND the World Cup. What to do with your money in uncertain times?
One of the biggest challenges of investing is dealing with uncertainty and fluctuations in the market. So what do you do with money in your (investment) account?

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Calculate annual space

Handy simple tool to calculate your annual margin from the Internal Revenue Service.

Pension Agreement

All the information from the central government on the pension agreement.

Pension clarity

Learn more about the laws and regulations surrounding the new pension system.

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Index Funds

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Frequently asked questions about Vive

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Vive's wealth management services, technology and approach.

When are investments made?

Once your money is in your bank account, we invest it for you the next day. These investments are visible in your app within 4 days.

How long will it take for my money to be deposited?

It takes about 1 to 2 days before your money is in your investment account. Then we start working immediately to invest this money according to your personal plan.

How does Vive handle my personal data?

We use your information only to identify you and provide appropriate advice. Your information is never shared with third parties unless indicated. For example, to open your investment account.

Are my investments with Vive sustainable?

We invest your assets in a way that takes into account the impact on society. This is how we work together to create a more sustainable future. To select funds, we use external ratings to assess their environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact.

How risky is investing with Vive?

Vive invests based on your financial situation. We never take risks outside your financial profile.