Getting a grip on your retirement

Be smart and take control of your retirement. Without having to do much to do so. With Vive's Retirement Plan, you take care of everything in a snap.

Save time and still control later

Read it in our customers' reviews.

Vive invests better than I

"There are three things very good about Vive. 1 = that I don't spend time researching which funds to buy. 2 = that they indicate if I am 'on track' and if I am not, what actions I need to take. 3 = they rebalance and automatically reduce risk, (...) in addition, I find it very relaxing that my money is in a bank and that the management fees are not too high."

Floris de S.

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Warmly recommended

"Nice app with a 1 stop shop solution for long term investing according to the principles and algorithms that are peoples to solvency principles used by insurance companies and pension funds."

Pieter MW

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Top if you want to invest money instead of time

"Very clear app that allows you to set different investment goals and takes the real investing out of your hands. This way you invest money but invest little time. Moreover, nice return in challenging market conditions through diversified investments! So highly recommended."


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Great app with great features

"Finally an all-in-one app that allows me to easily create different financial plans. The great thing about Vive is that I don't have to do anything myself -they invest for me. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy way to put money to work."


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I don't know everything yet

"So far so good.... The app works pretty well and the chat gives very quick response. That's nice. I see active investment policy from the people and that is going well so far. So I don't know everything yet, but so far ok.


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An app that invests for me

"Handy! Now I don't have to keep an eye on all the quotes."

RH Leiden

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Easy app that invests for you

"Super easy app that invests for you. I am a poor investor myself, never have time or the energy to deal with this. Vive does the work for you and keeps you on the right track. Ideal app for investing if yourself have a busy schedule."

Telmelissa R.

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Draw your own plan for retirement

With an individual plan you get a grip on the financial future ahead of you. With a customized plan, continuous insight and easy adjustments, you are always in control. Even from the comfort of your armchair.

Financial situation

Siege just right for you

As your personal wealth manager, Vive maps out the required buffer and maximum risk to be run for you.


Vive calculates whether there is enough buffer to invest and scores your financial situation.


Your financial situation determines the maximum riskio you can take with investing in a plan.


Unlimited planning for later

The only app you need to manage and preserve all your wealth for later. Plan and manage your financial future effortlessly and make adjustments wherever you are.

Start at target

Start you at the end. Define your goal and effortlessly receive the best route to it.

Optimal strategy

For each plan, the best strategy to get there. Like using car navigation to invest.


Costs based on assets under management

Choose Vive through the employer or on your own initiative.

From AuM.
As little as €50.
Making unlimited plans
iOS/ Android application
Target plan with 24/7 monitoring
Personal plan manager
Chat support
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Personally inclusive:
Pension plan with tax benefits
Employee discount
Personal onboarding