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Vive invests better than I

"There are three things very good about Vive. 1 = that I don't spend time researching which funds to buy. 2 = that they indicate if I am 'on track' and if I am not, what actions I need to take. 3 = they rebalance and automatically reduce risk, (...) in addition, I find it very relaxing that my money is in a bank and that the management fees are not too high."

Floris de S.

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Warmly recommended

"Nice app with a 1 stop shop solution for long term investing according to the principles and algorithms that are peoples to solvency principles used by insurance companies and pension funds."

Pieter MW

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Top if you want to invest money instead of time

"Very clear app that allows you to set different investment goals and takes the real investing out of your hands. This way you invest money but invest little time. Moreover, nice return in challenging market conditions through diversified investments! So highly recommended."


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Great app with great features

"Finally an all-in-one app that allows me to easily create different financial plans. The great thing about Vive is that I don't have to do anything myself -they invest for me. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy way to put money to work."


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I don't know everything yet

"So far so good.... The app works pretty well and the chat gives very quick response. That's nice. I see active investment policy from the people and that is going well so far. So I don't know everything yet, but so far ok.


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An app that invests for me

"Handy! Now I don't have to keep an eye on all the quotes."

RH Leiden

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Easy app that invests for you

"Super easy app that invests for you. I am a poor investor myself, never have time or the energy to deal with this. Vive does the work for you and keeps you on the right track. Ideal app for investing if yourself have a busy schedule."

Telmelissa R.

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Relax before any plan

Effortlessly create a plan for any goal and relax. Vive executes and keeps track of everything. All you have to do is put in money. Everything can be tracked and adjusted day and night in the app.

Each goal can

Whether it's the kids, a buffer or later. In an instant, bring the future you envision much closer.

Lay in and relax

Besides depositing and tracking, Vive takes care of the rest. This way, we protect you as best we can against market fluctuations and inflation, for example.


Bespoke is the standard

Vive's plans are always personalized for you. That means the best route to your goal is determined based on thousands of scenarios. Including a dynamic portfolio that moves with you over time. All tracked and monitored 24/7 thanks to the plan advisor.


Looks at all options before determining the best route for your plan.


Moves with you and is composed as sustainably as possible (based on ESG).

Plan Advisor

Monitors plans and can provide options to achieve your goal (as yet) faster. Nice and easy.

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