Engaged productive employees

Give your employees their own Vive Pension Plan with account and earn commitment and business growth in return. Easily discover how it works now.

Individual Pension

Future Pension Act x Vive

You've heard of it, and here's what you need to know: The time to build individual pensions is now. Interesting for employees and employers because of the benefits and flexibility.


The WTP makes building your own assets for retirement extra (tax) advantaged.


Individual accrual is on. Both employee and employer contribute to a plan in your name.

Vive x Employers

Benefits for all employers

Vive takes everything off their hands for employers and offers a plan, created specifically for their employees. With which they build up assets for their retirement at low cost. Entirely in their own name.

Flexible contributions

Both the employer and employees can contribute whatever they want: one-time, as a bonus, monthly or nothing for a while.

Building up individually

Employees build up individual assets with tax benefits. The pot is in their name and they easily take it with them.

Low cost

By sponsoring the retirement plan, costs remain low and an employee accrues at an extra-low management fee.

How it works

How Vive Empowers In Tailored Plans.

Company Login

Simply sign up the company to participate in the business plan.

Onboarding employees

Employees receive a Vive Retirement Plan and comprehensive onboarding to get off to a great start.

Activate plans

Employees easily activate their plan in the app and keep track of everything.

All contributions

As employers and employees, you contribute to each plan if you wish.